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Starting Friday, September 1st,  Mascot Mania begins. 

Go to and vote for Pawnee Heights in the Mascot Mania challenge.  We are in the Central district.  You can vote once a day to help Pawnee Heights win a new Mascot uniform valued at $3,500.  Winning schools will be determined by the number of votes/numbers of students enrolled in their school.  The school with the highest ratio of votes wins.

October 7th, the competition will be narrowed down to the 5 highest scoring school - 1 in each of the regions in KAKEland.  Winners are determined by percentage of vote in comparison to the numbers of students enrolled to help make the contest equal for any size school within all the regions.

Each week during newscasts, KAKE will update the viewers on the school standings.

Please help spread the word to friends and family as we strive to win a new mascot.