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August 2       Dodge City Long Branch Lagoon

For swim destinations at Hays and Great Bend, the bus will leave from Hanston at 11:00, Burdett at 11:15 and Rozel at 11:30, for each of the swim dates.  Return times will be approximately 4:30 pm at Rozel, 4:45 at Burdett, and 5:00 pm at Hanston.  For the Dodge City destination, the bus will leave from Rozel at 11:00, Burdett at 11:15, and Hanston at 11:30.  Approximate return time will be 4:30 pm at Hanston, 4:45 at Burdett, and 5:00 at Rozel.

All individuals riding school transportation must stay inside the swimming fenced area at all times and must r ide home in school transportation unless a written permission slip from the parent is given to the bus drive by the time of departure.  All bus-riding rules apply to all individuals.  We encourage parents to participate as well as students.  All swimmers 8 years old and under MUST be supervised by a 14 year or older person at all times.

Snack bars are available at each swim park.  If your student wants to purchase snacks, please send money for them to do this.  The bus driver or any riding adults will NOT be responsible for your student’s money.  Please also make sure your student has a swim towel, sun screen and clothes to change into if necessary.

Pool Prices:  Hays Aquatic Park & Great Bend Wetlands: 3 thru 17 $3.00 & 18 & older $4.00

                          Dodge City Long Branch Lagoon:                 3 thru 17 $5.00 & 18 & Older $7.00

If you have any questions, please call the school at 620-527-4211.