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2017 State Powerlifting Results


Ashlee Miller- 2nd in clean, 6th in bench and 11th out of 25 in her weight class

Allison Lupfer- 3rd in bench, 4th in clean and 6th out of 9 in her weight class

Regan Carlson- 6th in bench, 6th in squat and 4th out of 10 in her weight class

The girls placed 14th out of 28 teams


Jackson Henbest- 17th out of 25 in his weight class

Caleb Karst- 3rd in clean, 3rd in squat and was 4th out of 28 in his weight class

Dalton Hamby- 6th in bench, 5th in squat and was 4th out of 22 in his weight class

Cy Cain- 24th out of 27 in his weight class but his squat weight did not count but would have earned him 7th out of 27.

Roger Klenke- 3rd in bench, 2nd in squat and 2nd out of 24 in his weight class

The boys placed 13th out of 39 teams

Medals were given to top 6 placers in each lift and top 3 overall lifters in each weight class

Regan, Jackson, Dalton and Caleb each broke an individual max record

13 total medals were won

Great job Tiger powerlifters!!!!!